PA Supreme Court Issues Revised UIM Stacking Decision.

On October 18, we told you that, in a highly unusual move, the PA Supreme Court was revisiting a decision on UIM stacking that it had just issued in April. The new decision has just been released.

In the case of Sackett v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., PICS Case No. 08-0008 (Pa. Dec. 27, 2007), the Supreme Court reversed its earlier decision and ruled that “the extension of coverage under an after-acquired-vehicle provision to a vehicle added to a pre-existing multi-vehicle policy is not a new purchase of coverage for purposes of Section 1738(c), and thus, does not trigger an obligation on the part of the insurer to obtain new or supplemental UM/UIM stacking waiversthe addition of a new car to an existing insurance policy.” Put more simply, the new Sackett rule is that the addition of a car to an existing policy does not require the insurer to obtain a new waiver.