Fore! — PA Appellate Court Hits One Long and Straight.

In a ruling of special interest to WCM Partners, one of whom recently hit another in the side with a golf ball, a PA appellate court has just ruled in favor of a plaintiff who was struck in the face by a golfing partner’s tee shot. In the case of Zeidman v. Fischer, the plaintiff was tasked with checking on the location of the group in front of him. While driving back to the tee to advise his partners that they could tee off, defendant Fischer teed off and smashed the ball right into the plaintiff’s face. A lawsuit resulted. The trial court ruled for the defendant, but the appellate court reversed. It held that, under the particular facts of this case, it could not rule as a matter of law that the risk was “one inherent or common, frequent and expected” to the game of golf. The case will proceed.

This is not good news for the guilty WCM partner as there are still 705 days remaining until the statute of limitations expires.