WCM Obtains Judgment for Clients in Monroe County Property Damage Case.

Associate Peter Cardwell obtained judgments in favor of our clients in the Magisterial District Court of Monroe County in a property damage lawsuit. The case of Baranowski v. The Home Depot and Big E Transportation arose out of allegations by the plaintiff that his driveway was damaged after our clients made a delivery of retaining wall stone.

At a hearing for the case, we argued that the plaintiff presented no evidence supporting his claim that cracks and dents in his driveway were, in fact, caused by our clients. In addition, we pointed to the fact that the plaintiff presented no invoices or quotes proving his alleged damages and needed repairs. We further submitted several photos of the plaintiff’s driveway showing no damage and what appeared to be normal every day wear and tear. We also presented two employees of our clients to testify as to delivery procedures and their investigation into the alleged damage. Ultimately, the court agreed with our position and found in favor of our clients.

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