This and That:

One of my law school professors said this: “Every lawyer should read three newspapers each day: The New York Times — to get a perspective on world affairs; the Wall Street Journal—to get a perspective on the global financial markets; and finally (comic pause) The New York Post– to get the true perspective.”

The life of the law is not only told in the decisions we write about but in everything we confront. As Tennyson’s Ulysses said, “I am a part of all that I have met.” And so, from time to time, in This and That, I hope to share something of interest I have met along the way.

Recently, I participated in an insurance law panel sponsored by the Federal Bar Association, and I had the great pleasure of spending time with Judge Gerald Rosen who was the architect of the Grand Bargain which saved Detroit from bankruptcy. With Candor, Courage and Creativity, the 3 C’s in Judge Rosen’s words, he found a way to monetize the assets of the Detroit Institute of Art through private philanthropy and spare the pensioners of that great city what would have been intolerable cuts in their life’s savings. It’s an amazing story. Google it and soon look for Judge Rosen’s book on the Grand Bargain.

But, as it always happens, our discussion turned from law to other passions. And ours happened to be golf and our mutual admiration of Bobby Jones, the greatest American amateur golfer—and a practicing lawyer. But I always wondered how Jones could put the law books away and spend weeks competing in Open Championships. So, I decided to read about Jones. And I think I found the answer. The anchor client of the firm founded by Jones’s father was Coca Cola! But even so, to compete and win against the very best professionals and amateurs of the day after months of laboring at law is a marvel for the ages. My favorite quote about golf comes from Jones: “Golf does not build character, it reveals character.” And that’s it for this, This and That.

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